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This night journal contains 6 research-based prompts that will empower you to perfect your gratitude practice, discern lessons from the day as well as plan and prioritize tasks for your day ahead. End your night with gratitude, reflection, inspiration, organization, self-exploration, planning, goals setting and motivation.


Building a habit takes 66 days. In order to optimize the creation of your daily practice, we provide space for 4 months of nightly journaling.


Custom habit tracker enables you to maintain progress while improving planning and decision making for the tasks ahead.


Designed to be the sidekick to your nightly routine. Built to use and built to last. Bindings designed specifically for journaling. Pages made from premium stock, off-white paper that is softer on the eyes and doesn’t allow the ink to bleed or transfer.


Order your Legendary Day Life Journal, knowing it's backed by our no-hassle, 30-day money-back guarantee. Add our journal to your cart now and consider getting one for a friend. Makes a great gift for men or women.

Reprogram Your Current Reality

The Legendary Night Life Evening Journal will empower you to end your day with gratitude, organization, structure, planning and intention.

Beautifully designed and developed using the latest research in psychology, performance, and human optimization.

To end the day with your Evening Journal is to imbue yourself with valuable insights from the day while also creating a plan to achieve success, balance, and fulfillment in the day ahead.

Track Your Progress and Forge New Habits

The Journal comes complete with a Custom Habit Tracker that provides you with a visual daily record of the progress you’ve made towards your goals and keeps you motivated as you progress on your journey towards reaching them.

Custom habit tracker enables you to maintain progress while improving planning and decision making for the tasks ahead.

The Legendary Night Life Journal is a focused journal. We are unlike the purely free form journals or the guided but unstructured journals that offer different, random prompts on each page.

Studies show that these other methods are less effective in empowering you to reach your goals.

Furthermore, if you're addressing new prompts each day then it's more difficult to build a regular journaling practice. We intentionally use the same research based prompts each day.

When you focus on our Journal's consistent format you drive towards goals while also creating a record to look back on how far you've come.


Thoughts have immense power to shape every aspect of our lives. We can change the status quo by simply thinking differently.


By modifying our attitudes, intentions, and focus we can completely transform our state. 


We designed this simple to use pack of positive, powerful and motivational affirmations that will empower you in every aspect of your life: Health, Career, Relationships, Spirituality and Self.

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Technical Specifications

Manufacturer: LEGENDARY LIFE
Item Weight: 12 ounces
Package Dimensions: 8.8 x 4.9 x 0.8 inches
Color: Hardcover
Material Type: Hardcover
Size: Legendary Night Life Evening Journal
Manufacturer Part Number: LL-LDLJLNLJ-USA
ASIN: B08273FHY8

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How we got our start?

We created Legendary Life out of a burning passion to empower, equip and inform in the pursuit of self-optimization, balance, and fulfillment in all facets of life: health, family, relationships, spirituality, and career via a sustainable, compassionate lifestyle.

What makes our product unique?

Legendary Life was created to support you in your journey to uncover, pursue, realize and "Live Your Legend" every single day. Your 'Personal Legend' is like your life's ideal destiny. Our lives become happier, more fulfilling and more successful when we are more in tune with our Personal Legends.

Why we love what we do?

We had always been obsessively drawn to studying the best practices, tools and methodologies around a broad category often associated with self-development, self-care and optimization. Now we get to share that knowledge with a likeminded community striving to "Live Their Legends" every single day.